The Endless Human Connection Beyond The Universe

Our solar system with all the planets in position around the Sun.

Everything on Earth is connected to systems beyond.

Our connection to the Earth –  to Nature – is one of the most important connections humans have.  Actually, it is the most important.

Without Nature, without the Earth, we would not exist. Period.

The Earth’s connection to the Sun –  to our Solar System – is one of the most important connections our planet has.

Our Sun’s connection to the Galaxy is one of the most important connections our Solar System has.

Our Galaxy’s connection to the Universe, and beyond, is one of the most important connections our Galaxy has.

Our Universe’s connection to the mysteries beyond is one of the most important connections our Universe has.

Without this multi-level, inner-connection, nothing would exist. Period.

The Connection

The human lymph system illustrated.

Our human bodies are connected to the Earth, the Solar System, and beyond.

Whatever happens to the Earth happens to us. If the planet heats up, we heat up.  When the Earth changes its axis position, we change our axis position. We have long forgotten that the magnetic field inside our bodies lines up with the Earth’s magnetic field, and when the Earth’s magnetism shifts, we physically shift with it.

In the same way, the massive and diverse Universe, with its trillions of galaxies and solar systems, influences everything in the same way to assure stability and balance.

The Earth provides our well being through its well being. Our Sun secures the Earth’s well being through its well being. Our Solar System and our Galaxy’s well being remain stable through the Universe’s well being … and on and on beyond the outer limits of our known Universe.

This connection is why your physical body and all life on Earth have such extraordinary resiliencies.

Like The Human Body

All the planets in our Solar System are in constant motion. Like the human body, all planets resonate, they circulate heat, and they move around a central sun.

Like humans, the Solar System produces energy, it circulates heat, and it moves around a central Galaxy.

Just like you, the Galaxy resonates, it circulates heat, and it moves around a central Universal core.

So you see, every human being, each planet, every sun and star, and each galaxy travels at its own pace and on its own track. Everything in this vast Universe is in its own little world.

Yet ….

We are all connected. We all move together in a fine-tuned and very precise symphony.

The next time you feel isolated, different, or possibly “superior” to any other form of life, think about this connection. Humans are but a small piece of a massive creation.

Changes in the Universe affect our Galaxy. Changes in our Galaxy effect our Solar System. Changes in our Solar System affect the Earth. And changes on our planet affect human beings – both are the same yet individual.

Learn to balance your self because this will keep you connected to mysteries far beyond the Universe.

A picture of the Earth and the Moon from space


Explosives Detonated Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

April 15, 2013 was supposed to be a special day in Boston. After months of training, the people running in the Boston Marathon expected to run hard and enjoy the day with friends and family. No one expected bombs to go off near the finish line. No one should ever expect bombs to go off anywhere.

It’s Now Or Never

Humanity is at a crossroads, and we must view the current social changes taking us by surprise with a different outlook. Our leaders have guided humanity down the wrong road for centuries. It’s time for change – it’s now or never.

Humans don’t like change, but we MUST learn to embrace change if we are to avoid situations like what happened today in Boston. Social changes begin with the individual; changes begin with you, and you, and you. Soon, enough people can shift the tides, and hopefully, the tides will change for the better of all mankind.

Are you ready?

Our Own Tug-Of-War

Humanity's Tug-Of-War Against Nature

Our Tug-Of-War Against One Another

Modern society has become far too complex. Corporations, banks, the threat of war, politics, the addiction to the power of money, and the plethora of pharmaceutical drugs, GMOs and food additives are pushing against a simple, more giving and peaceful human existence. If we do not drastically change this belief, and soon, our species will become like the dinosaur – extinct. Our planet will still be here, but life as we know it will be gone.

By adopting a new view of the Earth, humanity can move into the future in the right direction.

Moving Into A Better Future

It’s Not Too Late

It’s never too late to reverse our direction to find our way back to living in harmony with one another. This, of course, is easier said than done, but will inevitably result in the most phenomenal change in humanity since the beginning of time.

Change starts with YOU, and you can teach your children to make needed changes. You must take action and thrust your wishes and desires in the right direction. You must return to a place that is more down-to-Earth, and certainly more in synch with the goodness this planet has to offer.

“Don’t sit this one out.

You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” – Carl Sagan


The NOT Apocalypse

Apocalyptic predictions are a blend of religion, science, and prophecy – all products of mankind. Many great prophets, religious scriptures, and scientific evidence point to a future apocalyptic event. But all these “predictions” are generated by humans, and NO HUMAN has the power to outsmart Mother Nature. No human can predict when the cosmos is going to react in a way that creates an extinction on Earth. We know that there will be one – we just don’t know when.

Old scrolls and ancient books where mankind has tried to predict an apocalypse since the beginning of mankind.

Scrolls and ancient writings predicting an apocalypse

The Science Behind An Apocalypse

The scars of cosmic debris found on the Earth’s crust provide some of the best evidence of past apocalyptic events. There is confirmation that multiple impacts of concern occurred in peculiar phases and in unusual patterns around the planet. According to geologic records, when cosmic impacts increased, major extinctions occurred.

These scientific discoveries are exciting because most of the Earth’s history is left to speculation; theories can only be woven into the fabric of time, evolution, changing climates, dinosaurs, and extinctions. Humans want to know their fate, yet no human being is capable of predicting it.

What Causes An Extinction?

Since life began on Earth, several mass extinctions have taken place. Over 97 percent of all the species that ever lived are now extinct. Extinctions are caused by both major Earth changes, like a polar shift, and by catastrophic extraterrestrial events, like the impact from a comet, meteor, or incoming asteroid.  Both result in physical conditions that affect the entire planet.

Five Past Extinctions

A picture of a dinosuar, which once roamed the Earth as humans do today.

Dinosaurs once dominated the Earth as humans do today

There have been five major extinctions throughout Earth’s history – that we know of. Extinctions are an inevitable part of a natural Earth cycle, yet they are major events that are based mostly on guesswork. The good news: every past extinction always re-seeds new and more evolved life forms, from simple-celled ocean life to dinosaurs to mammals to YOU.

Predicting Our Next Extinction

There will be another extinction event on Earth, and the human spirit will evolve, but we cannot predict what new life forms will emerge. The most important message is not to worry about when the next extinction will occur, but how to live life on Earth in the kindest and most loving way possible while we are here.

After We Are Gone

There is no doubt that a more resourceful species will evolve to assist Nature in decomposing the damage that human beings have done to the Earth. New creatures will emerge to break down synthetics and eat away the massive landfills packed with plastics and non-recyclable trash. Life forms will evolve to dissemble the building materials on skyscrapers and nuclear power plants; a new species will emerge to biodegrade the toxic weapons of war and the piles of off-shore drilling rigs and pipes discarded on the ocean floor. Unknown life forms will decompose the miles upon miles of concrete, roads, and steel bridges. The Earth will require millions of years to break down all the waste and destruction humanity has left behind.

In order to pave a more natural path into the future, we MUST begin improving the way we take care of this planet NOW, before we run out of time. How much time do we have to fix the mess we have created? Only the Earth knows.